As tony chuckle escaped Ororo at the thought. “Think he knows already? Rather odd he hasn’t given you a call on the matter yet.”

"I bet he got a message about it, but has been too busy to even notice it or won’t notice until it’s too late."  He sighed lightly as he tapped on the table with his fingers. 

"That man is spread too thin," she stated with a shake of her head. "It’s a shame really. He would have been an asset."

"Yeah well, he’s a Stark, so it kinda comes with his territory." He shrugged.





"Well, generally it has. Research as usual, might be on to a few things but not sure." Banner sipped from his mug again. "It’s all up in the air right now."

"Such simplicity thy life sometimes is Banner. It makes me think if my own mortal life was just as blissful….

"You think my life is simple? Boy you really don’t know what its like to walk in my shoes" he shook his head with a sad grin. "Hey, mortal life isn’t all its cracked up to be, but honestly if I were chosen as worthy by that hammer, I’d take it as a sign that maybe the realms need someone who can deal with not so simple on a regular basis." He placed a hand on Thor’s back. "Sides, us mortals are kinda attached to you at this point"

Les Misérables Inspired Sentence Starters (feel free to add!)

"You're here until you die."
"You're a dangerous man."
"You're standing in your grave."
"I commend you for your duty."
"What have I done, Sweet Jesus, what have I done?"
"My life was a war that could never be won!"
"There's gonna be hell to pay!"
"I dreamed that love would never die!"
"I know a place where no one's lost."
"Welcome, Monsieur, sit yourself down."
"Nothing gets you nothing."
"I used to dream that I would meet a prince."
"Yesterday I was alone, Today you are beside me."
"I'm so afraid of failing you."
"You have warmed my heart like the sun."
"Those who falter and those who fall must pay the price."
"The time is near!"
"Don't let the wine go to your brain!"
"You look as if you've seen a ghost."
"It is time for us all to decide who we are."
"What's the price you might pay?"
"Who cares about your lonely soul?"
"Our little lives don't count at all."
"I'm doing everything all wrong."
"I am lost."
"I am found."
"Why regret what cannot be?"
"Still I say, there's a way for us."
"All my life, I've only been pretending."
"Another day, another destiny!"
"How can I live when we are parted?"
"Will you take your place with me?"
"Do you hear the people sing?"
"My place is here, I fight with you!"
"Tomorrow you'll be worlds away."
"We are not alone."
"Drink with me to days gone by."
"Would you weep for me?"
"You have always been there."
"There is nothing on Earth that we share!"
"There is nowhere I can turn."
"There is no way to go on."
"Forgive me."
"Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise."
"Will you be strong and stand with me?"
"All men will have their reward!"








You fucked up you seriously fucked up.

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Rise of the Crustaceans.

Category 0.5 kaiju.


Category 0.5 Kaiju




Tear-drinking Butterflies

In the Amazon, it’s not uncommon to see groups of colorful butterflies fluttering around turtles basking along the river. This is because they drink the turtles’ tears—an invaluable source of salt for the herbivorous butterflies.


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Rogue notices the way he looks at her, but smirks at the way he goes along with her teasing joke. “Halloween here everyday, ah don’t see how that would change things.” She follows him with her eyes as he sits and her smile turns into a grin as she leans her shoulder against his. “Well, then ah’ll consider that a good thing in my favor. That way ah don’t have to be scared every little thing might set you off— not that ah won’t still be careful.”

"I…appreciate the concern." His visibly blushing at this point, but he decides to be a little forward and places his hand on hers. "But, not everything sets me off, just, have to watch my heart rate. Can’t be too…excited."

Her gaze lands on their hands and the little amused twitch to her lips is barely visible. “Excited. Gotcha.” She allows him to make the first move, wanting this to be at his pace and on his terms. “Then should ah maybe go put on a sweater? Wouldn’t want to ‘excite’ you.” she couldn’t help throwing a little tease at him.

He scoffs at her comment about the sweater. “You’re fine as you are. There’s a reason I wear a heartrate monitor.” He gently grips her hand, still pretty baffled at the whole situation, but he’s not gonna look a gifthorse in the mouth. He shifts his weight closer to her, their faces drawing near, and he plants a small kiss on her lips. “See? No problems so far.”

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"Well, I meant more act as a leader, much like Cap does. Your mother probably has an astute point about hammers as problem solvers."



"Just as I have many an example that can prove that logic wrong." Thor picked at the small clings of dirt that were upon the edges of his cape. "But I will argue this no more …has thy own day been well Banner?"

"Well, generally it has. Research as usual, might be on to a few things but not sure." Banner sipped from his mug again. "It’s all up in the air right now."

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"Oh, sorry, didn’t hear you come in."

thethundereronmidgard: ✾ - Why I chose my character



Allow me to preface the whole thing by saying this; I’m don’t just like Bruce Banner, I LOVE this guy to death because he is literally part of my childhood. 

The complexity of the man with the best inside has been touched on so many times, but the fact that Hulk is ever changing, ever adapting to the times just opens so many freaking doors for this character.

One of the smartest guys out there in the Marvel universe, and isn’t even allowed in the illuminati. His struggle between living in complete solitude and trying to balance himself and Hulk is such a perfect allegory for life it just hits me in the feels EVERY time. 

Whether he is in full mental control of Hulk or not, Bruce Banner IS the strongest there is, he is everything his father hated turned positive every single time the Hulk acts heroicly. 

Recent stories have touched on how damaged Bruce is, and his standoffish relationship with the Hulk in his mind. I don’t really see any other super hero with that deep rooted of a background within themselves. 

He is a hero, a destroyer, builder, but the fact of the matter is no one will completely trust him aside from a select few. 

I play an Ed Norton Bruce because I feel he hit on so many of Banner’s personality traits and just his own physique matches his comic counterpart perfectly. (No shade on Ruffalo) and his hulk literally SHOOK with all that rage, just umf <3. 


Bruce is my perfect bae and will always be eternally because I love the worlds strongest puny man.]]